meet your wild essence

31th July - 13th August, Klingenmühle (TG)

Meet your wild essence on a journey of self-discovery 

and transformation embedded in nature.

For two weeks we will tune-in together in the midst of mother nature, on the magic grounds of Klingenmühle and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Our vision for this nature residency is to create a breeding ground for individual and communal development. A playground to unfold as the beautiful human being we came here to be.


During the residency spacious glamping-tents will be our home and our kitchen team will provide us with fresh vegan/vegetarian soul-food.


When we live close to nature in a community for 2 weeks we dive deeper than in a weekend workshop or 4-day seminar. 
It's about prototyping a new lifestyle, discovering a new self, and rewind our habitual patterns in connection with the mirrors of a tribe. Time and space to try things, challenge yourself and integrate what takes time to land.


During the two-week program an experienced facilitator team will weave together practices from different areas into one holistic experience:

- Mindfulness & Embodiment

- Conscious Love & Sacred Sexuality (with Livia Lea Maag)

- Authentic Self-Expression & Play

- Community Living & Relating